Concrete Admixtures have become one of the very essential component in
recent years. Because they are importand for helping the concrete for
achiving the desired properties of concrete. Effect of more water in the
concrete lower the strength and durability.

Our Products

Admixtures plays a main role in concrete and mortars in all segments of the industry – Ready-mix, Precast and Site-mix


Product: Plasticiser, Water reduction: Up to 12%, Type of Admixture: Type A, Usage : As an Integral waterproofing liquid, low range water

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Escocryl D20

Escon is a leading manufacturer of specialized paving tile/ hollow block admixture and construction chemicals in Kerala.

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Escocrete HC05

We Export the chemicals to the Middle East, African countries etc.

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Flowcrete V05

All type of reinforced concrete, mortar, grout, tunnels, Roof Concrete, CC Works, Roadworks, bridges, etc.

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Escocryl D25

Paver block Polish/ Top Coat, Clear Liquid/Transparent, Apply on the surface of tiles/concrete surface

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Escobuild LNR857

Super Plasticiser and Retarding Admixture, Usage-High range Plasticiser, water reducing and accelerating admixture, more workability

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