Escon Chemical Co. is one of the leading construction chemical, waterproofing Chemical, Tile Adhesive, and road marking paint manufacturing companies in India located at Kssidc block3, Nea Wipro Gate, Electronic City Phase1, Banglore- Karnataka. The company established in 2008. We manufacture vivid type of construction chemicals, suitable for various mixes and applications of concrete industry like paver block, hollow block, ready mix industry, Hume pipe, Electric Poles, Culverts, CC Roads, Precast, Plastering, roof concrete, Hydraulic paver block industry etc. As well as we manufacture thermoplastic acrylic resin based road marking paints and its adhesive too

In Concrete industry vivid type of admixtures are used. The main types of admixtures are Water-reducing admixtures, Retarding admixtures, Accelerating admixtures, Water-reducing and retarding admixtures, Water-reducing and accelerating admixtures, Water-reducing, high range admixtures, Water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures et. As well as some special type of admixture like air entraining admixture, air detraining admixture, corrosion inhibiting admixture, damp proofing admixture, etc. are also produce in the market.